About Me

Anura Srinath is a versatile artist, painter, illustrator, cartoonist and poet. Who has the unique ability to be the colour and the shade that you want him to be. Anura belongs to a rare breed of Sri Lankan artist whose diehard passion for art made them perfectionists in their own right. To this background comes Anura's hands-on experience with commercial art with local global advertising agencies (Master's Advertising, JWT). And the resultant combination is an artist who has a keen insight into art as well as the minds of the consumer or the art lover. How would his talent benefit you ? Anura can give expression to your dream. image and idea the way you would want it. If you require fine arts.

Anura has a gallery of them or he can paint one for you. If you want, a caricature, Anura will be your mind's voice. If you want, particular illustrations that would fit into, let us say your new book, Anura can do wonders for you. All in all, Anura will not just draw or paint. He will draw and paint what you want the way want it.